Monday, 6 July 2009


Thats what I'm doing, yes, a supervisory role of the home improvements! ;)
We are making sure the new utility is finished first so then we can crack on with my new craft room *still so exciting* we went and got the colours today.

In the utility I am having a Duck Egg Blue feature wall with the remaining walls being white
It was going to be Lime Green but I just couldnt find the one I wanted in Wickes, I found the perfect one in Focus but I'll be darned if I'm paying that price for paint!!! lol

In the craft room I am having a Bambino feature wall with a slight hint of bambino mixed with white paint for the remaining walls
(I must admit the bambino looks better in the flesh than it does this picture)

Now I have to say that I'm not really a girlie girl but all the rooms in our house are either blue for the boys or neutral! So thats why I'm having pink, a girlie room for me, Tel was surprised but happy that I'm happy.

I think the utility should defo be finished by the end of the week but it will be another couple of weeks before the craft room is finished as a trip to Ikea is required for my new desk etc :) *still exciting - ooh I already said that - see super duper excited*

Will show progress photos soon :) (plaster board walls are a bit TOO boring to show) x


  1. I'm liking those colours Deanne! My hubby is a magnolia man, he hated it when I painted my son's bedroom bumblebee orange on the walls and a french blue on the ceiling with radiator and paintwork to match! I think when my youngest moves out (it was the spare room, but he moved in as it was bigger than his) the magnolia will be out in force!
    I have pink walls in my craft room, sort of dusky rose pink. Lounge is blue, bedroom is sort of spicy pink, almost an orange, goes with the poppy colour of the poppies on the curtains, but is a pale terracotta almost. I would have had the darker shade but he would go even lighter if he could.
    Bathroom used to be blue and seaside themed, but after the blue suite went and we got white he painted it to match the bedroom.
    Other bathroom is Jade White, and spare bedroom now is sort of yellow, maybe bamboo yellow, or light custard sort of yellow but I am not good at describing it, if I go and look now it will not be that at all!

    Cazzy x

  2. Loving that Duck Egg - want that for my living room!

    I've left you an award on my blog hun xx

  3. Great colours hun! Hope the dec is going well, don't you just hate all of the dust and muck! Be worth it in the end, hugs Heidi xx


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