Wednesday, 12 August 2009


My body is going through a few changes at the moment, I'm really suffering with my tummy bloating out to a huge size :( its affecting my confidence so much so that I dont want to go out anywhere! So a trip to the doctors was called for.
They've taken loads of bloods but I've heard nothing back as of yet and knowing my luck they wont pick anything up from either, that would just be my luck.

So I've got this to contend with at the moment
My friend suggested the oatiflakes as the doctor told me to come off wheat, which I have to say I am struggling with! and the colofac is really helping with the pain I get after eating, but the bloating still continues :( and as for the fibregel - well - enough said about that! yuk...

Fingers crossed it gets itself in order cause at the moment I am in 3 different dress sizes depending upon how much I bloat!!! see told you it was bad :(


  1. Know exactly how you feel. As you know, I was told to lay off wheat for over 3 years and it ended up that it was never wheat in the first place, despite invasive tests and countless prescriptions.

    My demon is egg!!!!!


  2. I hope you get it sorted and feel better soon hun. xxx

  3. Sending BIG ((hugs))Deanne hope you hear something soon.

    Enjoy your weekend.XXX


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