Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Garden Sitting

Whilst a neighbour is away we are animal sitting for them, feeding their beautiful new baby rabbit (which just happens to be one from my babies) and their 'wicked' chickens (as Jack calls them)

Jack and I have being visiting daily and he is enjoying it so much, he loves getting right in the coop and feeding the chickens and collecting the eggs (the highlight to his day at the moment lol)
Apart from the animal sitting, my neighbour has a beautiful garden, just how I would dream of mine to be, beautiful flowers in bloom, pond, animals galore, grass space, patio area, greenhouse, the list is endless

I've taken a few photos of her beautiful space and I'm going to make her a little mini book of her garden for when she returns :)

Beautiful flowers, such an array of colour
I love this little area
Gorgeous fuschia and I love the touch of british in the background :)
Its really giving me a kick up the butt to sort areas of our 'space' out

I'll of course share the mini book once completed


  1. Wow your neighbours garden looks amazing. What a lovely idea to do a mini book for them.

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  3. Awesome shots.

    Can't wait to see your mini book.


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