Thursday, 20 August 2009

Craft Table

So when you get together with the girls what does your craft table end up looking like!!!Hmmm I think there's more food than crafts on this one
I'm scrapping with Cazz on Friday night will have to take a pic to compare ;)
Link me up to your craft table whether alone or with friends :) be great to see what your up to.


  1. There's no point taking a pic on Friday....I can tell everyone in advance what the table will look like.....Deanne will have just over 3/4's of the table...covered in her stuff and I will have the tinyiest bit of the end and my stuff on the floor! pmsl!!!! You know it happens everytime honey xxxx

  2. That's actually my glue bottle that you are calling Rosie! HAHA!

    Cazz, she is a TOTAL table hog!


  3. note I had no food or drink on my 100th of the table lol


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