Sunday, 30 August 2009

My Craft Space

Its finally here, my craft space, there are still a few tweeks to be done like shelving on the walls and boxing in pipes etc but the main storage and desk area is sorted out :)
I've also done a short post over on Its a creative world to share storage ideas.
After much searching for storage to fit in the tiny alcove, the trofast has come up trumps :) and with a mixture of shelving and buckets its just ideal for my needs, I bought two of these and this is the first one :) housing my albums, tools and embellishements.
Oooh and one very bright pink wall :) LUSH...
Trofast number two holds all my shop goodies and craft books, and of course my pretty little sock monkey :)
My desk area is just perfect for me, I'm sure when cazz pops over by taking the printer off she'll be able to squeeze on :) The shelving and racking will be going on this wall :)

I could not resist these metal drawers, they also came in a gorgeous bright red but as much as I wanted those I knew they wouldnt match up :( I have all my fabric, felt and sewing essentials in these :)

and last but not least my buttons are currently in a bucket under the desk until the shelving goes up, but to be honest I love them here as theres nothing better than a good route round :)

Hope you've enjoyed my little craft space :)


  1. Wow! Looks great and funky! I'm still dreaming of my own craft-place... now everyting is on a big table in the living-room...

    Saskia :)

  2. It looks gorgeous. Now that's a colour!
    I think you need to join us at WOYWW - jsut to prove tha tnow you've got it all gorgeous, you're prepared to untidy it a bit!!

  3. oH Deanne, your space is just perfect. I so luv the pink !

  4. Wowza it's looking truly scrumptious! But FARRRRRR too tidy - get some crafting done in there so it looks like the rest of our spaces! HAHA!


  5. LOVE the pink Deanne, very funky!!

  6. WoW...I luv your bright pink walls!


  7. Oh WoW Rosie I love it...Yahaha Heaven...
    Oh My my craft room needs a whole new make-over.....
    I must keep on at him indoors ...
    Maybe if I show him just how nice yours is he might start!!!start I said..ha ha
    to think about it,.....
    Lot of thinking going on now...:)xxxTFS

  8. Oh I do love your polka dot cups very snazzy:)xxx

  9. omg, I love it so so much....can i come and play?


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