Saturday, 29 August 2009

Time Travellers Wife

Last night Cazz and I went to see this film, first we nipped and stuffed ourselves with a 3 course meal, then waddled up to the cinema to try and walk off the extra dessert!!!!! (it didnt work)
Of course it wouldnt a night out without something happening to either of us, but I promise you Cazz, the toilet episode will stay with me for life ;) x

Anyways onto the movie, I'd never heard of it until Cazz said to go see it, I watched the trailer and thought 'yeah okay' So it was okay! a bit slow in places and very teary in 'a' certain place, but I have to go and get the book as we both agreed that its just going to be so much better.

One more thing we agreed on!

ThatEric Bana looked hot! :)


  1. As the saying goes, you will always be my friend because you know too much!

    He is yummy.

    Cazzy x

  2. Is that avoiding the fact that one of the first times you see Eric Bana in the film he's running around with no clothes on lol.

    I started the book then saw the film so now I need to finish the book lol. Tomorrow I'm going to see 500 Days of Summer :) Well at least I think I am lol.

  3. I plan on reading the book first then watching the movie after. I luv Rachel McAdams!



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