Friday, 28 August 2009

Quirky Crafts Forum

The Quirky Crafts Forum is having a bit of a makeover, on the inside that is and I have no blooming idea how to do it on the outside but I am researching :) using my 1% knowledge of html i'm sure I'll get there in say 2050!
Anyways our weekly challenges are back on from the 6th September with small handcrafted prizes for the winning crafty goodness taking part :)

The crafty person feature is hopefully fully booked up to the end of year and our advertising section on the front page is filling up nicely :) (If you'd like to advertise your crafty business or handicrafts please contact me here very very small price per month for a fixed 3 months)
We have two new design team members (who I will give a huge reception to in the Lounge) and I'm on the look out for maybe a couple more so if your interested in playing along weekly please contact me here for details
We are still a new and small forum but with everyones help and more more crafty goodness going on we can become a more involved crafting group :)
So dont forget to visit us here See you soon x


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