Thursday, 27 August 2009


I'm excited again!
I mentioned awhile ago that we were in a car accident and the insurance company decided to write our car off :( well we love our old bmw and were searching for another one, I had my list of requirements and he had his 'boys' head on, but luckily a super duper car came onto Ebay, and well, the rest is history, this car was obviously meant to be ours :)

Tel picked it up from Derby today (a few obvious things that need sorting out) but I'm in love with my new car already :)
Tel will be very proud of me if I point out the M3 bodykit and the Schnitzer rims!!! :)
Talking of other proud moments, our trip to Ikea was a success and a laugh and a half, will update with photos later :)


  1. No idea about rims or body kits, but a new car is always fun..and is it too girly to say - love the colour!!


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