Monday, 7 September 2009

Back to School!

Year 3 - I still cannot believe that my little man is in Year 3 as from today! I need to take better photos as my batteries must be dying but these will do for now :) So proud
and of course as soon as I said 'cheese' Riley had to get in on the shot! lol Did you notice! Yep thats a hair cut Riley has had :(


  1. Riley's hair is awesome! I like it!

    My friends son started/starts Year 4 and it's scary! We've known them about 3 years and I can't get my head round how he's grown up so quick!

    (Yeah I sound really old now!)

  2. Awww how smart does Jack look in that new uniform?

    Ooh, where have Riley's curls gone?

  3. He looks so proud of himself bless him! Lovely photos..great 'how tall are you' shot!

  4. Lovely haircut Riley, two smart boys!

    Cazzy x

  5. Hope school went well.xx Both great photos. Definately for scrapping. :-)


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