Tuesday, 8 September 2009

I am I am!

I am keeping up honest! Everything feels a blur since the weekend really - no idea why though, this is my done and to do's for this week so far!
  • Jack first day at school - done (and so well too)
  • Sorting all crafting gear ready for my very first crop! (Infact my bestest buddy bought me the bestest gift ever :) Will share on Sunday as its sooo cool :)
  • A million buttons to re pack!
  • Wicket to the groomers
  • Wicket to the vets (long story and not one to really share on this blog! but something not quite right! and needs sorting, but I'm quite certain there isnt anything major wrong iykwim)
  • Friends birthday
  • Jack returns to Beavers
  • Allotment - Tuesday - done (two hours of digging to be precise - am shattered now)
  • Allotment - Friday - (raking and bulb planting)
  • Rileys room - gut!
  • Dye hair (yep that ones for me!!! :-( )
  • A few household diy that requires sorting ! like the new toilet seat - b a b e . . .
  • and finally the garden! cut grass and little sort!
  • anything else - I blooming well hope not!
  • ooooh yes, being called Mr Winter on the phone! awaiting delivery of one said washing machine on Thursday morning! lol

Do you think I'll manage my list! I hope so... because as you know with two boys in the house it can pretty much go tits up from point one!!!!!!!! ;)


  1. Wow Deanne - rather you than me..lol Sounds like you are going to be one busy bee..:)
    Good luck with it all. :)


  2. oooh you are gona be busy i hope you get it all done im another who has never been to a crop one day maybe

  3. Awe BIG ((hugs))

    Hope you got through your list Deanne.xx


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