Thursday, 10 September 2009

Madness and Cheek!

What a day, firstly our pooch had a visit to the groomers yesterday and now looks a tad gorgeous
He also had a visit to the vets today due to a 'male' related problem! So he is back in again next week at a cost of £120!!!!! which will hopefully sort that 'problem' out.

The boys - ah - the boys, Jack came home from school today, I was quite impressed with myself as I'm up so early with Riley I decided to make tuna pasta salad for lunch including Jacks lunch box. His response upon coming home

'I didnt eat all my tuna Mummy I got a bit fed up with it' lmao! o k a y . . .

...and dear sweet beautiful Riley, can you see the shorter hair - sad isnt it - I think so :( but he decided to throw his nappy off in the garden which is fine as it was a nice warmish part of the day, but then promptly jumped on his battery car and started riding off down the garden! I had to catch it on camera, a very funny moment :)
*speech bubble for obvious reasons*
I have a date with a rake and lots of mud tomorrow morning ooh and some green manure :)


  1. that dog is a little honey! We have a shih-tzu too. They are great dogs!!

  2. Riley's cheeky grin. Thought you had his hair cut?! It's still long and very, very blonde!

    Glad to see you hid his litlle bottom though you never know what wierdo is watching these days!! LOL


  3. Ah, you have a weeend of reality planned too. Funny how my kinda reality never makes it ontothe telly! Picture of Riley is just tooooo cute!

  4. Awe, Deanne you have a posh pooch now honey.xx but Riley steals the show..hehe. What a bonnie boy with a smile to melt your heart.xx


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