Wednesday, 9 September 2009

This is Heaven!

omg i'm in bloody heaven!!!!
AMY BUTLER Heaven that is, look at her beautiful new range of rugs ~ serious drool ~

bright buds,
field poppy,
oh sod it i love them all, all I tell you, all 19 of them and all I want is one, no i want them all, i will have rug walls and ceilings and melt in the delights of my amy butler lushness but at $1699.00 i doubt i'll be getting a sniff of one :( tears many many tears :( torture I tell you, its torture... :(


  1. wow, they're a tad nice! Nice price tag too...eek.

  2. The blue Georgia rug would look great in my new look craft room! You think we could maybe steal a few? hehe

  3. Oooooh gorgeous. I would want them all too!
    Looks like I'll be sticking to a rug full of Lego for the moment tho! hehe.xx

  4. they're sooo lovely! I want that bottom blue one!


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