Thursday, 14 January 2010

Peppa Pig!

I feel rough again and with Riley poorly we dont really fancy stepping outside into the mist today (other than school runs of course)

I have things I need to do but I also have a bored toddler, so today we played with these alot :)
which were then turned into a train track

and whilst he had a nap I finally got my ironing done


  1. Don't these people realise that we just ignore them!!

    Frustrating day for you Deanne..hope you're feeling better today. LOVE the origami, inspired DD to do some, I have a handful of really lovely paper bowls!

  2. You've got to love Peppa Pig "Grunt"!! Hope you feel better soon xx
    Ironing can always wait lol!

  3. OOoooh we NEED these dominoes! ...makes a great train track too.


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