Friday, 12 February 2010

uP aNd dOwN

Do you have those days where your mood goes up and down up and down! I'm having one of those today :(

I have managed to strip my craft room back to the bare basics and redesign where everything goes :)
I am dreading it though, if we move house and I dont have a dedicated craft space! It just cant happen can it - can it!
I posted some fun photos on my Twitpic today of the mess in my small crafty space lol obviously it was during the big clean up lol you can see them here

Another album is in my Etsy Store, this ones all floral :)

I've sat and made a few cards tonight with the scraps of cardstock I found so I'll show those tomorrow :)

Enjoy your Friday evening, I've just caught up on the third episode of Vampire Diaries, and I'm officially loving it x


  1. Hi Dee, Love your DO YOU do it all ??? lol

  2. Hi Dee, Love your DO YOU do it all ??? lol

  3. You are prolific Deanne, I swear. And no, you can't move into a house that may not have a space for crafting. It's against the law. Or something. We'll get up a petition!


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