Thursday, 11 February 2010


what an evening, I took one look at my patterned papers box tonight (I have the ikea trofast system so imagine its a very big box) and thought what a mess, I think I'll tidy that - 2 hours later!!!!
  • I found stuff I forgot I had :)

  • I found stuff I know I will never use again so all packaged up for my neice who will get that lot of goodies next week :)

  • I found more full 12x12 sheets and will take them to crop with me on Sunday and sell for 20p each :)

  • I now rather than having bits here and there have - papers for projects (like mini books I've started and JYC) together and labelled, odd papers together, sets like basic grey together, templates etc... the list goes on but I now feel very motivated :)

  • oooh and a huge bag for the rubbish bin too

  • and finally lovely small bits of papers which are great for punches etc (even though I so badly need to invest in more) in some boxes (which were from christmas presents so i've even being recycling too) :)

Hows that for an evening then eh!!!!

Just to leave you with something pretty, I made this album for my Etsy Store and its already sold :) soooo pretty so I'm not surprised really

oh and the house we were going to buy (the whole reason we put our house on the market) sold today! oh well it was never meant to be, I found my dream home today :) so just waiting for a buyer for us before I get my hopes up

Night night and thanks for popping by


  1. Very pretty album Deanne.

    Now if you had the challenge blog comments set to pop up like you do on here I could actually comment on the blog, I can't how it is set up now.

    Sorry about the house, now a better one has turned up perhaps you are meant to have it.

    Cazzy x

  2. Ah, a good old sort'll feel smug about it for ages now - every time you need a piece of paper, actually - gotta love that!
    Beautiful album.


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