Monday, 28 June 2010


well that didnt quite go to plan, my weekend that is
Saturday was a bit of a stressful start! thanks to two children namely mine winding each other and me up! but it soon got better once I sorted a babysitter and finally got to meet the lovely Anne at Colemans Warehouse, lots of craft natter followed by a pub lunch and 'life stuff' natter. It was lovely to finally meet her and she's stuck with me now as its defo going to happen on a regular basis from now on :)

My mini fun photo shoot didnt happen either, partly because I wasnt feeling too great but mostly due to not being able to find my darn battery charger for my camera - grr - and I still cant find it now :(

So watched this on Sunday
and I can say the whole street must have screamed 'It was over the line' !!!!!
but alas it was not meant to be and we got kicked out of the World Cup - I wont add a sad face to that because I'm not a huge fan of footie but all I kept shouting at the tv was 'Where the hell are our lads - theres no one there!' as Germany scored ANOTHER goal and ANOTHER!
Cazz and her kiddies came over so we had a fun lunch and they enjoyed the garden and we chilled and chatted as per usual :)
Today I got locked in my own house again! Thanks babe....
So the week for me is beginning from tomorrow - Tuesday -
night night x

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