Thursday, 1 July 2010


Life without my camera charger is now becoming unbearable!

I have to have rechargable batteries for my Fuji s7000 and the charger has disappeared! I've used it in the new house but the fairies have taken it at the moment and I'm not too impressed with them, I've even been down to the garden to look - but alas no such luck!
Yesterday I found some normal AA batteries and managed to take a whopping ****wait for it**** ~~~drumroll~~~ 3 thats it, three photos! :(

So two new chunky crochet scarves are now on offer over here

Mustard with burnt orange pansy
Scarlet red

I will strip back everything to find that darn charger today, have so many new goodies to share

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  1. yum yum yum to that burnt orange colour but let's hope we don't need scarves too soon and this glorious weather continues for a little longer.

    But boy when the cold weather comes your scarves will keep you nice and cosy.



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