Thursday, 12 August 2010

Hallway Decor Inspiration

We're in the process of awaiting the new carpet to be fitted on the stairs and landing and then we'll pop some new laminate flooring down in the hallway.
I've been looking for decor inspiration as now we have a porch, we at least dont need as much clutter in the stairs area

I'm certain of the colours I want, which will be olive green in the porch and green accents in the stair area, we need a storage area too

Cant wait to show the finished product :)


  1. sounds exciting - cant wait to see the finished hallway - I'm stuck for ideas too as my hallway has been unfinished for about 3 yrs now!!!

  2. Ooh that is gorgeous, good luck with the decorating! xx

  3. I love olive green and that coat stand shaped like a tree is just fabulous.

    Hope you blog your finished hallway? I am so nosy. tee hee



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