Thursday, 29 March 2012

catch up!

its been a while so i thought i'd play catch up, its busy here with lots of projects on the go for my business and our home,  heres a peek at my week

some pretty daffs in a bargain £1 car boot buy tankard
 I'm slacking a little with my slimming world so i'm back to basics to have a good weight loss over the next few weeks, steak, mushrooms and new pots fried in frylite - yummy
 our garden is coming into bloom, i wish these stayed yellow but sadly there not here for long
 we've just added 4 new koi to the pond! you can just see the ghost one in the middle of this photo
 our garden is totally huge! it needs a lot of work doing to it, we've got rid of so much so now we need to knuckle down and get it how we want it, this week i've been creating little borders around certain shrubs
 i love how the bulbs pop up here and there, because the last owner planted them all, i forget where they are so there really fun to see in spring

 the little man has had so many bumps this week but the chin was the worst the lump is huge!
 the frogs are happy with their new rock pool we made them in the pond
 a few of the tadpoles that are left in the pond
 we bought a few homely items
 i've been creating some fun fabric cake toppers, perfect for spring and summer
 a friend of mine had some cute vintage wooden reels so I had them off her, gave them a coat of green paint, added some buttons and now its a pretty and fun mini bunting for in my studio


  1. Great post today! Love the shots of your pond and the cotton reel bunting and the cake bunting - well, love it all really!!

    Have fun.

    Jumbleberries xx

  2. ooo love the cake bunting and the FAB cotton reel bunting ;o)

    {Dab and a dash.}

  3. forgot to say hope the poor mans chin, knee and injuries are healing.


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