Saturday, 24 March 2012

yesterday was sports relief, both my boys did a mile walk with the school and raised some money with sponsorships, bless them super proud of them both

last night we sat and watched the instalments sports relief on tv, we were all affected by the prevention basis of it and my eldest was affected quite bad bless him as he is a sensitive soul, although i explained that with his sponsorship he managed to raise funds for 2 vaccines, which then encouraged us to donate a further £10 online which pleased him even more

These celebrities did these amazing things to raise millions of pounds!

David Walliams swam the thames

John Bishop went from paris to london on bike, boat and foot - I followed this on radio one and had tears watching his documentary

Frank Skinner learned to swim, a huge feat for an adult to face up too
Theres still time to donate -

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  1. Oh I cried buckets, no shame I your son understanding and being sensitive if you ask me!!
    Don't forget the young Blue Peter girly who biked to the pole, oh my, they were all amazing.


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