Tuesday, 13 March 2012


a plenty - thats my problem i have so many things that i want to create that i dont have one craft, which i dont believe is a problem as i love my quirky boots store looking full of different things but it does mean you have bits of this that and the other lying around unused!

so i've challenged myself to use only what i have! especially some of things i've purchased and never touched at all! apart from purchasing felt (which i need for continuing orders) and sewing thread and adhesive (obvious must haves for a handmade business) i'm giving myself 3 yes three (omgoodness have i really said *3*) months to create new things with what i have!
like to join in! you wouldnt have to do it for as long as me (i'm been very harsh on myself) let me know if you do so i can keep an eye on your progress x


  1. Ditto, ditto, story of my life. Head full of ideas but currently lack of motivation -too much going on with the move!
    Great to see what you're doing with these materials, you are so inspirational. One of my craft idols for sure Mrs E.

  2. Oh I know this feeling only too well!!!

    I do so many crafts and have so many ideas (a book of them I keep noting them down) and plan to 'use what I have' then go and buy new stuff for a new idea...although I am excited for these new bits to come in!

    I will join your challenge- it may be a case of use some of peices and create, I can't say I won't buy more (NEC craft show soon!) but I will attempt to 'make do and create'

    I'll try and do a little blog myself tonight and I'll link you in. I think if there's someone else in the same position we can encourage each other! lol, me and my sister do try, but get distracted by new ideas...

    My blog: www.cheshirecatcrafts.blogspot.com

    If I photograph my stuff it may just be enough to 'scare me' into using it!!It's only in the living room, bedroom cupboard, wardrobe, kitchen and some back home with my sister!!!

  3. I would love to join in the only problem is.... I would have to give my bank card to someone in aid of the project hahahaha

    Lou x

    p.s. cannot wait to see what you come up with :)

  4. I just blogged about this


    Once my camera battery charges I can photograph where I started and where I end up!!

  5. I try to use up my old stash before buying new but I agree with you girls that shows and shiny new projects are hard to resist. haha.

    I can't say I will do 3 months!!! that seems like ages haha.

    I do find that when I route around my stash cupboard that I do find things that I had forgotten I had bought so this might be a good idea. :)


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