Tuesday, 13 March 2012

and relax

this is what i was trying to do last night to rid the guilt away!

i sent my little one off back to school today after his predicament last week and now i feel totally awful as it was so much the wrong thing to do! he came home and never got off the sofa once, slept for hours, no dinner (cuddled up to a brioche for about two hours) high temperature
my heart was totally melting as i felt it was my fault sending him back too soon, but he totally bounced through the hand foot and mouth, so this is either part of that illness or yet another one!

you dont understand though my little boys eats so healthily, fruit, vegetables and lots of it and yet he still comes down with everything!

So I lit my favourite candle whilst he was snoozing and i let the waft of sweet pea fill the room - total bliss


  1. hope he (and you) feel better soon. As it is a virus, his body has to produce antibodies and he will be tired until his immune system kicks in. Some kids are just more susceptible to whatever goes round but if he is normally active then I am sure you don't have to worry too much.

  2. A Mothers few moments of peace, I bet it made you smile. Hugs to little Riley, I hope it's nothing else he's coming down with. Stay strong :)
    Katie x


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