Monday, 19 March 2012

Pretty Crafty Home

After moving into this house nearly two years ago I feel that I can finally start to call it our home, I feel that we are slowly stripping away the previous occupants, I dont know if its because I knew who lived here before or the fact that I loved our previous home thats taken me so long to get comfortable here!

After reading Country Heart and Home blog I followed a link to this blog Cherry Heart where shes wrote a year long project about having a crafty home

My issue with this is that my partner has a very modern view on decor, although I do manage to slide a few of my quirks and handmakes into the picture
I thougtht I'd still take up the challenge as it may help me focus more on the all the areas of our home that need so much work still.
I've copied the basics from the Cherry Heart blog and added my ideals to it

1.  Tidy, tidy, tidy and clean, clean clean!
i love to declutter as it is, but ive already planned a huge carboot in april (whilst the boys are at my parents) so i can deal with getting rid and getting holiday spending money at the same time. once this is done i'd just love to be able to keep on top of the house, its quite difficult with two boys in the house and various animals and of course us too

2.  If it has to live here, it should be pretty.
hmmm this one is difficult, i am the only female in the house! even the animals are boys! my studio is bright pink and i love it, i manage to add some feminine touches to the house and the more we decorate and change each room to our liking i'll certainly be adding some prettiness and handmade into them

3.  If I don't like how it looks, and I can change it, I will.
we already know the amount of work we need to do as there are so many bodge jobs in our home! so lots of changes are happening here

4.  Thrift, re-use and recycling are my watch words.
our budget is certainly not huge, we only have my partners wage at the moment. i love charity shopping and upcycling bits and bobs to keep or sell on my events stalls. i'm planning on lots of charity shopping for clothes for me as i'm currently losing weight and dont want to spend too much on them, i'd like to alter a few peices too

5.  Crafting is king!
I love to create as it is, so adding bits to our home is a must

So on that note, I'll leave you with a pretty picture and get working on my pretty crafty home x you can join in here too x


  1. I would only change one of those. It would be 'if it has to live here it should be pretty OR PRACTICAL'. Otherwise good tips.
    My sister always said to me Everything in your house should be beautiful for you to look at and give you pleasure or be useful. Same thing I suppose, but I try to stick to that. So when I think it's safe to do so, certain things dissapear. Whenever I dust, things never go back in the same place, so this makes it easier to do.
    Love your blog
    Karen Lowrie

  2. Thank you so much for joining me on my Pretty Crafty Home journey! I've added your link to my sidebar and I'm here to wish you luck and have a look around! Thanks for the mention too!

    S x

  3. I can't wait to move (we are only just starting to get things going so not even yet got flat for sale, but I started looking at houses be so great to put your mark on it!)

    As part of the 'using you craft supplies' challenge I have listed some bits I have so far made:

    I see you were at the Craft Show the other weekend, I wasn't able to go, but I have thought about doing a stall for the next one, but I'm just wondering if I will be able to make enough in time for it. I'm going to email the organisers and find out more about it!

  4. Great advice Deanne, I can just imagine how completely "you" it's going to be when it's done. Ok, not done, creativity never stops -enjoy the journey.
    Katie xx

  5. i've been in my house 10 years and still have yet to get it where i want it.
    I love this post, alot of it has hit home.
    thank you for posting.

    {Dab and a dash.}


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