Saturday, 10 March 2012


The last few days have been filled with this!

Our little man gets everything going and in this case its hand foot and mouth, and to be honest my Mum reminds me that I was the same, I was always in and out of hospital with serious problems (I pray it never comes to that with my little one)

So this week hasnt entirely gone to plan but I have managed to bake some Hummingbird Cookies
which to be honest i'm not entirely happy with as they are way too soft! but if you leave them in the oven any longer they burn or go too hard! no win situation me thinks!

To top of the sadness of the soggy cookies I broke my mixer
I bought this 10 years ago when my first son was born to create his meals in, it was quite sad as the handle ripped off in my hand! I did a march of honour to the bin and thanked him for all the years of blitzing he'd done

Happy Weekend x

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  1. Your biscuits look tummy! Hope your son gets better soon x


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