Sunday, 11 March 2012

Meet the boys!

My boys are my boys! these gorgeous moggies are all brothers and this year they will be 13 years old!
They have always slept together, eaten together and played together, they've given me so much joy over the years and when I was going through a pretty difficult time due to a not so good relationship, these babies made me get up everyday and carry on (cause if I didnt they would pluck me until I did)

Meet Gizmo, hes my black beauty whos always been slim and slender, he likes to give you a scratch once in a while but I know him so well I know when he's about to lash, its the tail wag you know!
Meet Apollo, he's black with a super huge white bib and white paws, he's top cat and always has been! when he walks he crosses his back legs over each other and his tail is like a backwards question mark!
Meet Louie - my gorgeous tabby, he's sweet and gentle and I use to carry him around like a baby, he was super poorly when I was pregnant with my first son 10 years ago, and he's never really recovered properly, he's tiny and doesnt have many teeth left now
I hope you've enjoyed meeting my boys, do you have moggies too x


  1. No cats here, due to cat allergies (hubby and sons)! My Mum adopted a cat recently, they went to pick up their mower that was being serviced and came back with an 8 year old Siamese house cat called Katy!

    Hope the little one is feeling better now Deanne.

    Carol x

  2. Lol how funny, you detest my pet and I detest yours :( In the nicest of ways of course. It's a love/hate relationship. They are very cute but cause severe allergies to both me and my son!
    Isn't it wonderful though how a pet can help you through tough times.
    Katie x


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