Tuesday, 24 April 2012


Changes are afoot - This blog is not just about my Quirky Boots store and it was never meant to be just about that, more of an online diary for myself to go back on over time to see my children develop and see what I have and havent achieved yet!

Its quite a wordy post hopefully you'll make it to the end!

After reading another blog recently I realised that I can make changes on here so it doesnt just feel like a journal of what I make by changing names and pointing myself in the direction that I want to go. What I generally do with my days is a mixture of allsorts, its a busy household to upkeep especially with so many projects running around in my mind that I want to attempt

My craft group that I run each month is a huge relief as I get a whole day to giggle with the girls and possibly finish a project that I may have started sometime ago
My craft market that I co - run with my lovely friend Michelle is another relief where I get to share my passion of handmade and teacups with people who care for these things also
My shop of which I'll be opening in May with my lovely friend Rona is the start of a dream that I've had for so long, its exciting and scary all at the same time

These things keep me going as a person, as the person commonly known as the boys Mum!

I realise that to be a blogger you dont have to be a perfect photographer everytime and that really there are no rules only ones that you set yourself, as a blogger I shouldnt worry if no one is reading my babble, as long as it makes sense to me surely thats the whole point, but what a bonus if someone reads along with you and you get a connection with that
I've made so many friends through this thing we call the web and I cannot thank it enough for that

Blogging is for me! for what I choose!  Do continue to read along with me if you already do and waves to followers who are new

My blog is about my life and how I try to live it - be it a Mum, Partner, Cook, Cleaner, Gardener, Animal Lover and Creative Designer Maker (or whatever it is that I should call myself)

So thats where the name came from! Did you see it! the new name! *new blog header coming soon*

*Always Dream BIG*

I'm making a statement that its not just about me creating its about me in general and I kinda like it, scary decision to make but I like it... it kind of sums me up, I always try my best at everything I do and have held on to many dreams over the past years and they do eventually come true...

Currently I'm saving up for this - my total dream bike!
Keep on popping by I love it when you do xxx


  1. Love it, love it, love it.

    See you on Saturday.

    Jumbleberries xx

  2. Your life must be so exciting right now!

    Thanks for stopping by the blog - have replied on there, but thought I'd pop here and leave a comment (having already read your post the other day) to say thank you :)

    Sam x

    PS LOVE the bike
    PPS Make sure you post photos of the finished products in all their upcycling glory!


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