Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The pile!

I have a pile of goodies at home waiting to be upcycled, things I've been collecting over a little bit of time, I thought I'd share my goodies with you, some are for the home and some will be for sale as in September I'm attending a vintage and handmade market in Milton Keynes so I'm building up my 'upcycled' stock for then
this is one of the piles in my studio (which i'm currently resorting again and again and again)
the printers tray is going to be for our bedroom, the dolls house is going to be all done up and I cant quite decide whether to keep or sell it yet, the gplan unit is on the list to be painted in some funky colours

I've already ripped all the fabric off this vintage handmade sewing box! the plan is a gorgeous purple vintage fabric with a quilted design on the top :) I'm quite excited about this one
 this is going to be for my studio, it has a little water damage but nothing too bad, its going to look very different once its completed
 this gorgeous vintage vegetable rack is going to be painted I have two choices at the moment, vintage green or yellow chalk paints, I cant quite decide, this is going into my studio though and will be taken to events to hold my goodies
 these wooden bowls were a bargain and are shouting out to be decoupatched
this old picnic basket is good condition but the inside is a little on the dirty side so i've ripped out all the fabric and will be replaced very soon with some new oil cloth as we have a picnic idea for our market in the summer hence i'm collecting picnic baskets

I also have a gorgeous vintage folding book case in the garage, I cant decide whether to keep or sell it, but its going to be painted then I'll make my decision from there

Have you got a pile of goodies ready to be upcycled too!


  1. Love your goodies, and can't wait to see you & Michelle at MK!!!

    Sharon xx

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  3. Wow, what a lot of projects. You have so many fab ideas, so clever. Can't wait to see some of the finished items.

    Have fun.

    Jumbleberries xx


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