Monday, 16 April 2012

School Break

The boys have been off school for two weeks and I say as nicely as I can, they go back tomorrow! They sooo need to go back and have their heads filled with more knowledge and to see and hang out with their friends that they've missed
We've had a normalish break, no holiday just hanging around and getting bits done here and there!
We went to my nieces 13th birthday! I cannot believe she is 13!!!
My secret project has been unleashed over on this here facebook page!
A rare photo of me and my eldest x
We picked up some ebay goodies and got to have a peek at the ladies gorgeous horses too!
We had an easter tea party for some friends
and I made a pretty easter wreath too which is currently hanging from our fridge
Tonight I'll be packing away all the easter goodies ready to bring out again next year :)

I've been working on some pretty craft home areas too which I'll share later and lots of other fun quirky boots projects as I have a stall at the craft market that I run this saturday too x

Other than that not much else to report really, back to the daily grindstone that is the school run, and if you have a peek at my secret project you'll see that i'll be super busy with that too x

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  1. Oh wow Deanne I am soooo excited for you, big congratulations.

    Jumbleberries xx


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