Wednesday, 4 April 2012


I rarely join in with 'whats on your workdesk wednesday' now, its not because I dont want too, its because I forget!
Heres a peek into my room at the moment! Its quite messy but I'll try to explain why
Other than daily orders I'm also builing up stock and doing my 'use up my stash promise'

Currently on my desk is a white cabinet that repainting with white chalk paint and lining with paper to use at events, theres some cute little wooden spool dolls I bought years ago that I'm decopatching too!
In the corner which you cant see I'm working on bird houses which is why the vintage doilies are on the floor as I was figuring out which ones to use!
The vintage yellow fabric was been cut into strips for a skeleton lamp project!
The wool! well the wool is a never ending list of projects from grannie blankies to cushions to fathers day gifts to decorative gifts!

See mickey mouse! well my little boy loves him, but that there mickey was mine when i was very much younger so is quite vintage now himself lol its a pj case an i love him

I'll try to pop round as many blogs as I can but we're super excited as my secret project is taking off this week (i'll share more soon I promise) x


  1. Love the look of your little studio, how I wish I had a dedicated crafting space.

    Looking forward to hearing about your secret project!!

    Have fun.

    Jumbleberries xx

  2. Great room, lots of description and tons going on. Intrigued by new project. Famfa #23

  3. Snap! My room looks about the same - I really do need to spritz it up a bit but I have been busy - my excuse. Such a cold snowy day here - I have been happily sewing and watching the snowflakes fall.

  4. Very industrious looking. Love your cabinet. Hugs Rita xx

  5. oooo a secret project exciting!!!
    Your craft room looks fab like we are walking in to it mid project. I want to pick bits up and sneak them into my pocket haha

  6. I see you on Facebook, I know how busy you are, so your room is a joy to me. I love the little's kinda like a magic door! As for Mickey..hmmmmmmmm. I think you're still to young for him to be vintage!

  7. Wow - lots of interesting projects going on!!!
    Interesting to see what the new one is!?!?!?!?!
    Happy WOYWW!!

  8. What a fab room - I spy lovely colour wool and Mickey! Love him! Take care, it's Friday and I'm still snooping my way through the list! Zo xx 78

  9. Sorry I'm a bit late this week! Fabulous workspace, very lived in!!, happy easter x
    Sophie no.71


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