Thursday, 21 June 2012

awol !!!

yep i have been absent without leave! how did that happen!
so much going on  here right now all for the greater good I promise but in so many different avenues that I'm getting a little bombarded by it all!

to the point i've put slimming world on the back burner for a few weeks until we get the kitchen sorted because its kinda stressing me out having it working one minute and not the next! so the stress isnt helping my ibs or my eating healthily regime!
we are very quickly getting there though, the walls will be painted by the end of the week so the top cupboards will be back up too, *sigh* i so cannot wait

our little one had an eeg to follow up from his spurt in hospital a few weeks ago, so now we are awaiting his results from that, his behaviour has increased this week by quite an amount which sometimes is quite upsetting and tiring but the great distraction technique works - well, sometimes!
i made some planting decisions for the garden
especially after buying this lovely lot from our market at the weekend, a mix of lovely herbs and border plants, I already know where there going, now I just need the rain to hold off so I can plant them!
fathers day was a quiet affair, a little walk around the car boot until the heavens opened then home to sort little mans bike out
obviously lots more going on, but I'll be here all day explaining the good the bad and the ugly, so I'll be back soon x

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  1. Oh Deanne, I hope you are holding up ok and Riley is doing well. I had an EEG when I was little too! Poor little guy, hope you get the results soon, take care of yourselves.
    Katie xx


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