Friday, 29 June 2012

Arm Lists

Thats lists the lengths of my arms! both of them...
 I need extra arms but I managing to organise myself quite well considering, I have lists for

  • the shop - everything thats still to be done ready for opening in two weeks time!!! eek
  • the home - the kitchen is nearly finished only the wall and floor tiles, skirting etc to be done now, but I finally have a working kitchen is super brilliant, whilst I am currently taking up the laminate to make way for the floor tiles, the laminate is going to be re used for the shop flooring
  • the garden - so much is in bloom, there is also so many weeds, the weather has really held us back with doing the simplist things, I managed to mow the front lawn yesterday but it was still super wet so quite difficult to mow 
  • quirky boots - i have a new website in the making, new ideas just for the shop, not on the high street and kits, yes my diy kits are finally back on the to do list, I'm just awaiting my stickers from a fantastic graphic designer friend, I'll share them and her once I have them
    Another friend of mine has started her own stamp design business I have a nice little collection from her now, will share another day
  • the family - after school today we are off to kids play, a huge indoor play area, hopefully will tire the boys out! but I doubt it. Riley has been up and down this week with behaviour at the moment he's adorable, helping me to cook dinner each evening, and been really good at listening. Jack is out and about playing round a friends house or in the garden playing football, its scary how quick he's growing up
  • I still have my felt food patterns to share with you but I seem to have misplaced my camera lead hence the hold up - they will be worth it I promise even just for the fun factor
I've finally gone and become part of the iphone family, purely for instagram, I love the whole community idea of it, if your on instagram please follow me I'm 'quirky boots'

The mock orange is super pretty at the moment
 I finally found the kitchen canisters I wanted, love the fact there made of tin so kind of retro but still modern
 I'll be back soon, have a lovely friday x

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  1. Gosh, you've got a lot going on. Only 2 weeks before your shop opens, that is really exciting.

    Have a great weekend.

    Jumbleberries xx


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