Sunday, 3 June 2012

The Jubilee

I havent really mentioned anything about it, just because I think everyone else is talking about it so I dont feel I have anything else to add!
We had planned on having a street party but the council wanted a ridiculous amount of money to close off our road so we had to cancel those plans sadly. Man of the house is working all weekend and the bank holiday days as the job has to be finished by Wednesday so its just me and the boys at home.

I totally love googles image today so had to share in case you've missed it
Sunday I'm going to make a nice roast dinner with a victoria sponge for afters with a patriotic bunting I've created especially and then I dare say we'll sit down and watch the jubilee concert as there are some amazing acts I cant wait to see, artist impression from the telegraph online
If your having a street party have a wonderful time and I'll leave you with this beautiful photograph I found on google of our queen, I was really taken by it
 Enjoy the extra long bank holiday - I've closed my shops and my facebook page to update them and take a good well earned break too so I can concentrate on the boys whilst home in the holidays

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  1. I can't believe the council would charge anything to close the road for jubilee. How mean. Enjoy your day with your small ones?
    Queen picture beautiful


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