Sunday, 15 July 2012

I'm re-organising and re-structuring my days at the moment, or at least i'm trying too! now the shop is open i'm trying to get a good balance of home and 'shop' life, I do seem to have so much to fit in but I do also know its very possible for it to all work well in harmony - once I get the balance right that is!

The Gift Box has been open one week and Rona and I have had so much fun playing shop, some lovely customers and wonderful sales which have made us very happy

Our neighbours 'Artisans Pantry' is a lovely little cake shop also selling breads, chutneys and jams and so so much more its truly delicious in there

Today was a day off, a family day, so we ventured out quite a few miles to a koi garden we've been told about and it was really wonderful, the koi were huge, like super huge!
Our journey home was quite mesmerising as I watched the countryside flit by, very calming indeed
Then when home we spent some much needed time in our garden having a tidy up, all this rain is really spoiling it for us at the moment as we have so many plans but they are all on hold until we have some sunny weather which thankfully today we did

I've so missed updating my blog, normality will resume, right i'm off to finish off some orders whilst supping a nice hot cuppa, enjoy the rest of your sunday x

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