Tuesday, 3 July 2012

What I'm up too..

We're super busy at the moment as we have just over a week before The Gift Box opens to the public
To say Rona and I are excited is an understatement! I'll share updates of it all coming together, we cant wait to put all the finishing touches to it and to see our dream grow
At some point I will get out in the garden and plant up my herb garden, the weather is totally holding me back!
I'm attempting my health kick at home alone, due to not affording the money or time mainly to go to slimming group,  its difficult, but part of my regime includes feeling good about what I cook and bake and ignoring the urges for the 'rubbish' I often grab inbetween meals.
The wii has new batteries in so my indoor exercise regime will start with that which includes family fun games so a winner all round

On another note these are selling really well, I'm so pleased as I love this idea and its of course what we'll be using for teacher gifts this year :)
 Once the shop is open as its quite time consuming, I have lots of new products for Quirky Boots and for the shop that I'm working on, cant wait to share, toadstool cuteness springs to mind :)

Pop on over to jumbleberries blog and see what other peeps are up to this week x

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