Thursday, 18 October 2012

bit of a hiccup

Just as we were getting on top of things and everything was settling down, we were hit by a bit of a blow at the weekend when our little man took poorly again

A few months ago I do recall saying on here how he had been poorly and was in hospital, I didnt really feel up to sharing what that was all about, but he went through certain tests and then got the all clear at the beginning of September, hoorah!

but... then the weekend!
Riley had another bout of vacant episodes :( we thought we'd got through this but obviously not
Its so scary to suddenly not be able to communicate with your child, he was unresponsive and in the last of 3 episodes for nearly 4 mins, so we ended back up the hospital

We are now waiting for more referrals and tests, a sleep deprived eeg has been booked, so that will be fun trying to keep him awake as he is only allowed 6 hours sleep!

Anyway hes back to his normal self but I must admit I'm back to panic mode, I've felt physically sick leaving him at school and overly excited when I collect him.
With everything else our little man has to go through like speech therapy and seeing a consultant with regards to his behaviour, I really didnt want anymore pressure on him, but it seems thats not going to be the case for him


  1. Oh Deanne hope the tests at the hospital can give you both some answers. Sending you hugs and well wishes. :)

  2. Oh Deanne, I'm so sorry to hear what you've been going through. When I was little I had an EEG, I remember it like it was yesterday. I hope your little guy stays strong and Mum too, it's so hard being a Mummy sometimes.
    Huge hugs your way sweetie.
    Katie xx


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