Friday, 19 October 2012

Messy or Tidy

I seem to be a very messy creative person, my studio never seems to be just pretty and everything in its place! The space on my desk to create gets smaller and smaller as I dont put things away!
So once in a while I have a complete tidy up, love it and then within a few days its a 'creative mess' again!
At the moment my space looks like this!

As for the floor! well what floor!
Are you a messy or tidy crafter...


  1. I'm totally the opposite as in I like to keep a clean desk but maybe that's where I am going wrong as my creativity has been lacking a bit lately. Maybe leaving things out will inspire me.

  2. I am just the same as you, I get out a stamp set or three to use just one sentiment or stamp and don't put them away because I will need to put the stamp back, then I get out a folder and think I should use those stamps, will leave it there to use next, and then card, well I pull some out, get too much and there it stays, or I have offcuts all over the place. Like you I do the mad tidy up and that just doesn't last. Missing one sentiment from a set right now, so can't put that away, have checked all the acrylic blocks lying around.....found a sentiment on the floor, whoops nearly lost that, but wasn't the one I was looking for....xx

  3. I am in the messy corner too. hahaha :)

  4. I like tidy but when crafting it just seems impossible! Before I know it I either have threads stuck to all of my clothes or foam pad backings all over the place. Not to mention the scraps everywhere...
    Aaargh ..Katie x


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