Friday, 18 January 2013

Trade Show Fun

Well I attended my first trade show on Tuesday as a buyer/viewer with the hope of obtaining a couple of gorgeous gift wrap suppliers with the same creative aim as our little shop
I popped along with my lovely friend Lindsay from EvaJeanie, thankfully she knows London a whole lot better than me so I was kind of safe in her hands! apparently
Its the first time I've been since Kings Cross was re done and this roof is just totally jaw dropping!
 One of the stands I really wanted to see was Dots and Spots by Becky Peabody as I use your makes already but wanted to see what else was on offer from here for the shop, I was not disappointed at all!
Her gift wrap was just amazing, so many ideas already for both quirkyboots and the shop
To be honest I met a handleful of the designers I wanted to and was very impressed, some stands left much to be desired and gave me lots to think about as I'm hoping to do a stand possibly next year with my sewing kits! eek

After a few hours and then some lunch Lindsay and I both felt a little boxed in so off we went to Nottinghill and Portobello Road, I loved seeing all the side streets that you just dont get here, super pretty
This is where I found that the most disgusting drink in the world is a caramel frappucino!!! yuk!
We had a 6.30pm train home, so were super tired, we ate our little picnic fodder on the train and had lots of giggles to keep us awake for fear of falling asleep and missing our stop!
 In the words of Mirandas Mum 'Such Fun'...

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