Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Book Review - Zombie Felties

I've had this book for a little while with the plan to create some of the zombies out of it for fun!
Well I couldnt help myself, once I started I couldnt stop and ended up making the lot!
I spent a whole wet, windy and cold weekend picking them up when I could and I totally love them
Welcome to the family
baby (my little one has ran off with baby! arghhhh will add once I find her) and bride zombie
classic and bunnie zombie
dead ducky and day of the dead
folklore and fairy zombie
pirate and kittie zombie
puppy and pumpkin zombie
surfer and thrilla zombie
undertaker and vampire zombie
and all together now - arrrr me hearty!
This is a great way to use up some stash too as you only need small amounts of felt for each character, also I didnt go out to purchase anything specific I only used what I had,the beads for example were free with a crafting magazine, another bonus

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