Monday, 27 May 2013

Monday Monday

Its the beginning of the week again and time to start to jot down whats on the plan!
This week its half term! again! so soon!!!

Great Outdoors - Daddy is working away so its just me and the boys, everything depends upon the weather, so i'm hoping for breaks in the rain to allow us to go out, get some much needed fresh air and sun rays

Reading - I've bought Jack a new book 'the billionaire boy by david walliams' and I'm going to start reading 'call the midwife' (finally) Riley has some school books which I've asked for to help keep him in a little routine as he doesnt really like change!

My Shop - the boys will come with me to my shop on Friday, which is fine as there is a back room if the weather is awful, we always take a picnic, the laptop for dvds, books and lots of drawing paper and especially lego for Riley

Doctors - for me!

Baking - watch this space for bake of the week, where I'll be trying something new or a favourite and I'll share it with you all

Designing - I have some new sewing kit ideas that I'd like to make time to sketch out

Stock Building - I'm building up a lot of stock at the moment for something that I'm doing from next week, which I'll share once its all done and dusted

Games Table - Riley enjoyed playing pool so much at the weekend that I'm going to dust off the games table (which I was going to sell as wasnt used!) so we can play pool at home, mini style!
What are you up too over the holidays - my very lucky friend is off to Croatia for the week!

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  1. Sound like a busy week you have planned. Unfortunately we are confined to the house this half term as the eldest had his tonsils out on Friday but I'm sure we'll find plenty to keep us busy x


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