Sunday, 26 May 2013

Instagram Cards!

Finally after searching for some 'correct size envelopes'! I now have a small batch of my photo cards available for sale in the shop
My hope is to take lots of locally inspired photos and make them into cards and possibly framed artwork which will hopefully sell as keepsakes of where people live/grew up etc

This photo is of a frosty walk to my shop one morning, I really love it
I started out with white card then decided I just loved kraft cardstock too much
The red telephone box in Warkton
The village hall in Warkton
Some of my photographs from home are
The bright orange gerbera
The sunflower
and some crayons! perfect for a teacher card maybe!
 I'm really enjoying these cards so I'll be doing some more photographing very soon

At £2 each I'm hoping there a good price too x

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