Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Make Felt Yo-Yos

I love making felt yo yos there so simple but effective to mak, here goes - 

Gather your supplies of felt, thread and needle to begin with

Cut two circles one slightly larger than the other (I used a 4" hoop as my large template and roll of selotape for the smaller one!)
Do a quick runing stitch around the outside

Slowly pull together so the outside of the circle comes into the centre

Try to create your yo yo edge as you pull the thread, tie with a knot at the back

Stack the two felt yo yos together and use a stitch to hold in place

Find a co-ordinating button and stitch in place (I used some vintage stash buttons I had)

You can turn these into brooches, hair clips, magnets or what ever you like

I've made a batch of brooches for my next craft event
Do share if you use my tutorial so I can pop by and see your creations

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