Monday, 3 June 2013

Monday Monday

Last weeks plans went out the window a little, it rained constantly for two days straight! so everywhere was soaking wet! When we finally did get some dry weather we spent it out in the garden or nipping to the shops to buy some activity books to keep the little man amused, he also started collecting the darn lego figures from series 9 & 10 too

So this week then

Today - I am off to do something super special, well it feels special to me, its do with my Quirky Boots goodies, I'll share later in the week

Shop - I am in the shop all this week so will be finishing off some shop projects as we are having a bit of a move around

Meeting - up with friends who drop by the shop and hopefully my lovely friend who is also the person I call on for any graphic design work
Also meeting up with my lovely friend who has been on their holiday to Croatia, I will get the full rundown this week hopefully as I've missed her a huge lot

Reading - I never started my book last week but I have all the intentions to start it this week - I've promised myself that I will, Jack on the other hand is enjoying is David Walliams one

Quirky Boots - I'm also going along to a little cake shop this week with a basket of goodies to hopefully sell with them! fingers crossed all goes well

On a gardening note! I saw these great planters at the garden centre last weekend but my goodness! £145 was a little steep for my tiny purse so i'm going to attempt to create something similar myself!
Enjoy your week of fun x

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  1. Best of luck re-creating them. You are very creative I'm sure it'll be a doddle:)
    Good luck with your QB venture and also with the cake selling. Lots going on hu?
    Make sure you get a nice break and a strong cuppa.
    Hugs, Katie xx


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