Saturday, 15 June 2013

Monster Fun

Thankfully someone who I now call a lovely friend knits her own design monsters, there fabulous, and we sell them in our little shop, each little monster has the date of birth and a fun name
I mean how can you not love cupid for starters!
So it was another friends birthday and she is a huge fan of Keeleys work and has a fair few of her monsters already, but I cheekily spoke to Keeley and asked her to create a custom birthday monster for me, with the birth name of Aunty Mental (as thats what my boys call her) my guidlelines were grey hair and glasses!
I nearly pee'd my pants when I saw it, lol, its sooo Aunty Mental lol

The numpty that I am, I so forgot to get a photo before I gave the gift away but funnily enough, been mental and all that, she took it to school so I grabbed a couple of her photos to share!
All of the teachers agreed its very much like her indeed lol
Thank you so much Keeley x

You can see Keeleys work here and like I said she also sells in our little shop too x

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