Friday, 14 June 2013


I truly dont know where this week has gone!
I think I've been recovering from last week! My little one had vacant seizures all week so it was very tiring for both of us, he's still not diagnosed with epilepsy so I spent most of last week on the phone chasing consultants and quite literally leaving a tearful begging call to one to call me back! I had him with me one of the days in the shop (so helpful been my own boss) we worked great as a team when I dropped a large box of packaging!
Today we're at the gp again as we've noticed his pupils are unequal sizes, bless him he really is going through it at the moment
We got through it though and this week has just been about catching up, getting him to school in a happy mood and then me catching up with house and home and quirkyboots orders

I arranged another craft destash which happened this week, went down well again so cant wait to host another one later in the year
Suzanne Hearts n Kisses always has such gorgeous makes so it was great to see what she had to sell, I bagged a few gorgeous fabrics to create some fun cushions for home!
I've also been in my shop for a few days this week as we've had a shuffle around with new and old furniture and new display ideas
My big boy came home as a superstar so that ended the week of school on a high :) 
Tomorrow is market day so I'm getting my goodies together as I have a stall, well I'm calling it a rather large sale table, as its items I wont be making anymore so goodies need to go
The weekend starts here!

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