Friday, 19 July 2013

Bird Seed Favours

As a thank you to our sellers on our party night we decided to make up some bird seed favours to give out as gifts, I decorated them with yarn and gave them out in glassine bags (as it was a rather hot evening so I didnt want them melting in their bags)

These were so super easy to create, all I used was wild bird seed and lard
I let the lard melt to room temperature and them placed it in a bowl. I poured in half of the bird seed and began to mix it all together with a wooden spoon
Once it was all mixed together I put a small amount into a heart cutter shape and pressed down very well so no loose bits were showing
Then with my hole maker (i couldnt find a straw so i used this old syringe) I made a hole for the yarn to go through, gently slide the heart mould over the mixture, I used my spoon to hold down the mixture and they stayed in shape that way
I actually placed these in the fridge as its so humid here at the moment and as I made them the day before the party I didnt want them to be sticky for the event

A really economical project with a total spend of just £1.39 for the seed and 39p for the lard
This is a classic fatty ball recipe, so could easily be rolled up into balls and placed in a metal holder to hang from the tree also

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  1. What a great idea! Thanks for showing how you did it.


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