Thursday, 18 July 2013

One Year Party Evening

Our little shop has now been open for one year! one whole year!
We are so proud of how far its come and we've worked so very hard to get here

As a thank you to our sellers we held a little one year party with pimms and cake to say a HUGE thank you

This schloer is a limited edition, raspberry and rhubarb, I urge to go buy, its gorgeous and so refreshing in this heat
 Pimms darling! I had to leave the making of this to Rona as I rarely drink and struggled to get the taste right lol!
 The sliding carrot cake, it was so hot it just kept moving lol but it was delicious as well
 You have to have pretty napkins
 and a few savouries to soak up the pimms
 My favourite though was the schloer and I was all vintage and drank it out of my tea cup :)
So much has happened in one year of running a retail shop, lessons have been learnt in many ways, I cant wait to see what another year brings

You can follow our shop journey here on facebook and we have a website if your too far away to visit too

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  1. What a lovely party! Congratulations to you, that's a terrific accomplishment.


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