Thursday, 11 July 2013

oh deer sweet deer

My lovely friend who I've mentioned many a time on here about her fabulous journals has come up trumps again
Last year she gifted me the cutest little deer journal and because I am the complete list maker that I am I fully used up all the paper which was sewed in
I asked if she could refill it for me and she came up with the even better idea for list makers like me and upcycled it again into a notebook holder
Nope she couldnt stop there either - look at the pretty packaging  - sweet deers
and she had enough of the deer fabric left to create the pockets for the notebook too
 You can see alot of her jounals on here facebook page here, happily we sell alot in our shop too x


  1. i need to know her she sounds like a fab friend.
    (Thank you VERY much you lovely person :o)


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