Tuesday, 16 July 2013

will i break!

im sure im tested quite a lot, you know the invisible sort of tests that are thrown your way
the ones that either build up and you snap or ones that are just slam dunked in your face and your left feeling 'what the hell was that all about!'

today has been tough, i havent had a 'big' anxiety since last november so to be faced with one today really threw me off the radar! how i managed the school run is beyond me! lots of breathing, a burst of tears to the teacher and lots of breathing to run in and hide in the comfort that is called home

it gets so tough at home at times, with appointments here and there for little man, but still no one actually saying anything! all these consultants know each other by name, so why in the world dont they meet in the same room and discuss, it wouldnt take as much time im sure and would be far less stressful for us as a family

he is super sweet and super kind and super hard work, hes really not enjoying school at the moment, so i'll be honest i'm dreading the summer holidays not for the length of it, more the returning to school, you see he loves home that much going back to school is going to hit him hard and i feel like it will mean going back hundred paces

i am super lucky to have a good supportive network around me, without them i couldnt do it! just offloading sometimes helps so much

so thats me today, no hiding, no photos, no cute makes just a mess - tomorrow is a new day, see you then x

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  1. Hugs to you, Deanne. I've just found your blog recently and am enjoying it. I hope tomorrow is a better day for you. I understand how you feel, some days are just hard. :)


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