Sunday, 1 September 2013

Instagram Catch Up

sun glaring through the windows
 not been able to resist this magazine this month just for the cute pattern
 Riley learnin all about the human body - love his take on bones
 yorkshire puddings! i never use to be able to make them, now they just explode out of the oven, this makes me one happy cook!
 seeing the red sky at night, putting this photo on facebook and then seeing all my friends doing the same - amazing
 starting a new book - im astonished that this is my fifth book since the beginning of the summer holidays!
 My little man suffering ALOT with vacant seizures, to the point of Mummy getting an emergency appointment at the doctors and breaking down on the phone to the consultant who funnily enough is now going to see me on Tuesday!
Daddys away at the silverstone moto gp this weekend, me and the boys are relaxing, done home things, film things, games things, cooking things...

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