Monday, 2 September 2013

Artisans - Dab and a Dash

Im starting to do a spot on my blog and on facebook of fellow artisans that either sell in my shop or are close friends to me
I'm starting with the lovely Lorna from Dab and a Dash, who I'm so proud to call a personal friend of mine, I'm so lucky to have someone like Lorna in my life, she's super funny and just on my wave length - love her to bits

I asked Lorna to write a few words about herself and why she does what she does

Why do I make journals??
I have always loved stationery, even when very young I was crafty and encouraged to make gifts and cards. Many a Sunday was spent sellotaping pages of paper together to make notebooks and then filling them with cut outs from an old Kays catalogue. As I got older I tended to collect notebooks. Some of them I wrote in and that first page was always the neatest!! If it was a cheap notebook it got covered in pretty wallpaper or wrapping paper.
When my eldest was born I scrapbooked and collected a lot of patterned papers. Then I discovered fabrics and used these in scrapbooking, again, collecting fabrics.
One day I wanted a really nice journal for a project. After looking for ages and not finding anything suitable I went home and sat in my craft area felling fed up when I suddenly thought make one!!! I finally broke into my papers and fabrics and made one.
Then I had a better idea so made another! then another... I gave my friends them as gifts and then got asked to make one for someones mum. This started my journal making. Since then my style has evolved slightly. I now use old books as covers rather than fabric BUT inside are fabric pages.
Thank you to all those who have supported, encouraged and pushed me. You keep me creating :o)

Lorna,s range has spread into rosettes and bags using up fabrics from her stash as well
You can see more about Dab and a Dash at these pages
and of course she sells her amazing creations in my little shop The Gift Box

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  1. Thank you SOOOO much.
    Can't believe it's me, you've made me sound amazing!!
    Thank you for all the crafty support and encouragement.


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